“c” is for cookies and cream chocolate cupcakes.

That’s actually 5 “c’s”.

I keep getting requests for these bad boys.  This is a good thing – I like making them – not only do I get to fill a bag with Oreos and smash the crap out of it with my bare hands, but the icing is, pardon my bragging, the best icing I’ve really ever had. Ever. And whenever I make something, I have to taste it – it’s part of the job. And sometimes, I have to taste it multiple times, in various conditions, just to make 100% certain it can leave the kitchen.  There’s just something about smashed Oreos mixed with buttercream that makes my taste buds tremble.  And I must not be alone, as these C&CCCCs are the most popular item in my confectionery repertoire.

that's good enough for me.

I’m making another order of them for an event this week, in fact. I can’t wait to taste – I mean make – the icing. 

Like what you see? Buy my book – the recipe’s in there. 😉

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