Buy the Book!

If you’d like to purchase my cookbook, “Small Indulgences: It’s Not the Size that Counts, It’s How You Eat It,”  it’s on sale now through December 24th! You can get it for the special low price of $5.99 (+ shipping). It’s the perfect gift for the baker in your family. Heck, get one for yourself while you’re at it! Just click on the book below:

buy me!

For the ebook, click the link below based on your reader of choice:

For the iPad, click here.

For the Kindle, click here.

For the Nook, click here.

All the proceeds go towards my formal education in the pastry arts, so if you like what you see now, buying the book can only make the desserts better. Not only do you get a book full of tasty and delightful recipes, you can do your part to support higher education. The more I learn, the better I bake, and I bake for you. It’s a win-win. 🙂

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