When Life Happens.

I haven’t posted anything in a while.

I’m not upset about that – I haven’t really felt like writing. Maybe it’s because things have been a little crazy. Some major events happened over the past few months:

1. I got married.

2. I went to Prague.

3. My father died.

#3 actually happened first. My father died almost exactly one month before my wedding. Being so sad and so happy at the same time is quite a challenge. And mentally exhausting. This was on top of the stress of planning a wedding in it’s final stages. I really just didn’t have time to write. At least,that was my excuse.

my dad and me, enjoying a moment.

my dad and me, enjoying a moment.

The truth is, I’ve loved to write since I was about 9 years old, when after a class assignment to write a short story about a polar bear, I discovered not only did I enjoy doing it, but I was pretty good at it, too! Every week, I looked forward to Fridays, when we got the chance to write another story. Writing was my passion. Through the years, my focus on it has ebbed and flowed – but I always come back to it. I admit I have many passions; but writing is and always will be the one ring to rule them all.

So why did I stop? Having no time was definitely a contributing factor – but not because I actually had no time for it – I just wasn’t making time for it and I believe that was intentional. When life gets too heavy, I push writing away out of fear. Writing for me, is about truth – about sharing a part of you that no one sees. Sometimes, when life becomes “too much,” I don’t really want anyone to see that.

Another big reason I stopped blogging in particular was because I had stopped baking – I really didn’t have time for that, what with  wedding crafts, family visits, vendor meetings, etc. So no baking = no blogging. That thought depressed me. Why should I have to stop writing just because I had stopped baking? Well, duh, I don’t. There are no rules in writing! That’s the beauty of the craft! So, I stripped away the limitations, and redid the blog. It’s still called Small Indulgences. It will still have recipes and baking adventures. But that’s only part of the fun. Living a life full of Small Indulgences – that’s what I want to do, and that’s what I want to write about. Having coffee with an old friend – that’s a Small Indulgence. Taking a Stand Up Paddle Boarding class with my husband (I still smile when I get to call him that) – that’s a Small Indulgence. Scratching my cat Gandalf the Gray behind the ears until he starts purring – that’s a Small Indulgence. Heck, watching the next episode of Game of Thrones is even a Small Indulgence! The little things we enjoy, that make us smile and warm our hearts – these are the things that matter. These are what life is all about. These are things worth sharing. And hence forth, they will be shared.

It’s not the size that counts; its how you live it.

So let’s get out there and live. 🙂

living it up in Prague.

living it up in Prague.

On the Road Again.

Seattle, 2007.

I haven’t been on a plane in a year and a half. That might seem normal to most people, or maybe even not so long ago to some. But for me, that’s unusual. I love to travel. I used to travel a decent amount for work, but I traveled as often as I could for pleasure as well. Packing a suitcase is fun to me – it’s like playing Tetris. Fitting exactly what you need into the smallest possible space. I get a small thrill every time I zip up my packed suitcase, knowing it’s been strategically filled with everything I’ll need based on where I’m going and for how long.

Anyway, I haven’t travelled in a while, for multiple reasons, the main one being I was in pastry school, and it was very difficult to squeeze in any trips around my class and work schedule. I also kinda just didn’t feel like it. Then a few months ago, I was checking out the BlogHer website, and noticed they were holding a BlogHer Food Conference, out in what just so happens to be my favorite US City – Seattle. Being that I am a female who blogs about food and loves Seattle, I thought, “Umm yeah, I need to go to this.” And so it was written. I booked the trip right then.

Well, the trip is now two days away, and I can’t wait! I’ll be hobnobbing with tons of other food bloggers like myself, networking, getting ideas, making connections, and maybe even some new friends! If you happen to be going out to BlogHer Food as well, make sure to find me and say Hello! I’d love to meet you. 🙂

PS: Now the travel bug has bitten me once again, and I booked another trip for the end of the summer – a European Vacation. Holiday Road, here I come!