bread winner.

I love bread. I could live on it alone if I happened to be trapped on a bread-making deserted island where they worshiped at the altar of gluten and preached the 12 steps of bread production.  I’ve been eating bread for years, enjoying its many types and varieties with spreads, on sandwiches, or even in its true naked form.  what I did not discover until very recently was how much I also loved baking it. I’ve baked many things in recent years, but I’ve shied away from breads of any kind, for fear that they were, frankly, out of my league. 

my very own works of bread.

Obviously, they were not.

But it was daunting, and it actually took a formal education for me to feel comfortable dabbling in the art of bread making. I refuse to buy a bread machine – that’s just cheating. Bread has been produced BY HAND for more years than everyone you know put together has lived, so if you decide to become a bread artiste, do yourself a favor and actually learn how to make the stuff.

you can do it!

It’s really not scary at all – in fact, many breads are super easy, once you get the hang of it. and dough is just fun. you get to knead it, punch it, watch it grow, punch it some more, shape it….its like Play-Doh for adults – but it tastes better. (oh come on, every kid ate Play-Doh, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.)

So anyway, what I’m trying to say is if you love bread, than don’t be afraid to share that love with the world. You’re a winner and people like you, gosh darn it. But they’ll like you even more if you give them bread. 😉

the best thing since...sliced bread.