There’s Always Time for Key Lime Pie.

I really wanted to make a pie for the 4th of July this year. I had a few parties/barbecues to attend, and thought a pie would be a perfect contribution. Cupcakes are great, but I just made two batches recently and really felt like trying something I hadn’t done in a while. And I hadn’t made a pie at home from scratch since probably at least Christmas – so a pie it must be.

Deciding on what type of pie was another story. I thought, hmm…blueberry is probably the most traditional for this time of year. I have a good recipe for it, too. But it just didn’t feel quite right. It was a good choice, yes – but it wasn’t making my toes tingle or my eyebrows raise. But then, I thought of it – the king of summer pies – the pie to lead all other pies into pie battle – the Key Lime Pie.

pie 1

o captain, my captain.

I used a combination of this recipe I found online, but I altered the method of production based on previous pie baking experience, including whipping the egg yolks until they are light yellow before mixing in the other ingredients.  And…I made the crust from scratch using my favorite crust recipe.

Having never made a Key Lime Pie at home before, I was just a little bit nervous – especially since my plan was to whisk this one out the door and to a gathering immediately upon completion – so there was no room for error.  When I removed it from the oven, it appeared to be intact – the best way to tell with a key lime pie is to lightly shake it back and forth – if it doesn’t jiggle, it’s done. It passed the shake test.

baked and shaked.

baked and shaked.

However, I couldn’t just bring it without anything on top. I wanted to make whipped cream – but I really had no time. What I did have, was some leftover lemon buttercream, from my last baking project…..I had an idea.

I didn’t want a heavy topping, but the lemon buttercream would be perfect, flavor-wise. So, I compromised.

a little dab'll do ya.

a little dab’ll do ya.

It worked. The pie was a hit, the buttercream was a perfect fit, and we even got to see some fireworks. All in all, a great 4th of July weekend was had in 2013 – and the pie definitely played a “key” role in that (ha ha – see what i did there?).

It’s a pink, pink, pink, pink, pink cupcake.

My favorite word is “serendipity.” Mainly because I like the way it rolls off of the tongue, but the meaning of word itself appeals to me as well – “a fortunate accident.” The movie of the same name with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale also happens to be one of my favorites, but that’s another story.

These cupcakes I recently made are a perfect example of serendipitous-ness.

serendipitous sparkling.

serendipitous sparkling.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had been asked to make cupcakes for my friend’s daughter to bring to school. Well, truth be told, I made the cupcakes twice. The second batch was what my friend received. The first batch, upon first glance, did not meet my standards. First of all, they were rather small. I’m thinking that was due to two factors – 1. the baking cups were not filled enough, and 2. the batter was not whipped enough so there was not enough air in it so they didn’t puff as much as I would have liked. I ate one, and then forced my boyfriend to eat one too (ok, so there was no real “forcing” involved here). We both thought they tasted great. But I just couldn’t get past the look. They were like runts of a cupcake litter. And if my standards are not met, they shall not pass into the hands of others.

the big pink.

the not-so-big pink.

Or so I thought.

Because I refuse to ever throw perfectly good cake away, I packed them up and put them in the fridge, hoping to find a good use for them. I settled on bringing them in to my office as a random surprise treat. I wanted to make a batch of lemon buttercream as I’d been daydreaming about it all week, so this was the perfect excuse. I also felt like making them pretty. So I colored the icing pink, and threw on some sparkles to give them that extra something fabulous.

glitter on the cupcake.

glitter on the cupcake.

As I was decorating them, I started thinking “heck, these ain’t so bad after all.” Sure, they’re small, but maybe that’s just fine. Once they were iced and sprinkled, I figured I’d better eat another one, you know, just to make sure they were ok. And they were. A little more than ok, as a matter of fact.

The funny thing – everyone loved them. Some even went as far commenting on how these were the perfect sized cupcake. I guess maybe I’m on the right track with this “Small Indulgences” thing. It’s really NOT the size that counts, after all.