confessions of a cereal killer.


I started this “Small Indulgences” thing because it’s what I believe in – one does not need to eat a large amount of dessert in order to enjoy it. In fact, that often has the opposite effect – we all know the drill – you’re at a party, there’s cake, you eat it. You’re still at the party, there are cookies, you eat them. You’re hanging around the party, the host is yawning and mentioned it’s past her bedtime 7 times, there’s cookie and cake crumbs, you eat them. And they were great going in, but the next morning, you’re full of guilt and regret, as you do the walk of shame over to the scale, hang your head, in a “not again” slump, and vow to never repeat this gluttonous act of over-indulging.

umm, i gotta go...i'll, uh, call you later.

Anyway, having fallen prey to this scenario myself, I realized it was not worth the grief, thus I made a conscious effort never to have a one night confectionery stand again. I also made it my mission to help others achieve the same goal – by making fabulous desserts in smaller portions and proving to the world that it’s not the size that counts; it’s how you eat it.

I have a confession. I do make it a point to never over-indulge in sweets. And I hold myself to that standard on a daily basis.  I said I don’t over-indulge in sweets. I never said anything about cereal. I am, in no uncertain terms, a cereal killer.

my most-loved victim.

I buy a few boxes a week. I keep it to the healthier ones, because I know what’s going to go down. I sit down at night to relax, after having my healthy dinner, possibly with a bowl of ice cream, and then, as if on auto-pilot, I reach for the cereal box. I  open it up, stick my hand in, grab a fist-full of dry, crackly greatness, and start shoveling it in, mindlessly, while doing something else, like blogging, reading, watching TV, etc. Next thing I know, I’ve housed half the box, and still want more, but my self-control finally makes an entrance at this point, and angrily slaps the box away.

It’s the same old scene every time. I kill a box every two days. This is not an exaggeration. Funny thing – for all my love of cereal, I’ve never baked anything that had any type of cereal involved. Probably because I wouldn’t be able to resist it, thus destroying the entire principle on which my baking philosophy is based. Sorry folks – the cereal is mine.