cupcakes in bloom.

I was commissioned to do cupcakes for a Japanese-themed birthday party over the weekend. They requested “cherry blossom cupcakes” which I’d never done before, but was confident I could do without any problems. They were not sure what flavor they wanted though, so I suggested “green tea.” I had made green tea cupcakes a few years ago for a Japanese dinner party I was attending at a friend’s house. I remembered them being good, so I figured they were worth another shot. The customer liked the suggestion, and requested half of them green tea, the other half red velvet. So I got to work.

red velvet with red blossoms

I did the red velvet first since I knew how they would turn out, having made red velvet numerous times. I made the “blossoms” red to match (how ingenious of me).

green tea with pink blossoms

I then moved on to the green tea. I used pink blossoms for these, because, have you ever seen a green cherry blossom? I didn’t think so. (Side Note – have you ever seen a live owl? Randomly  last night, I was thinking that I have never seen a live owl and I’d like to. –End Side Note) Now, I mentioned that I remembered these being “good” when I made them two years ago. What I didn’t remember was them being absolutely freakin’ delicious. In fact, I left extra batter in the bowl, just so I could eat it – raw. I wished I had made extras.  But, alas, I guess I’ll just have to go back and make them again. 😉

even taste great raw.

PS – as far as icing goes, I used a regular old buttercream because I wanted something that worked with both flavors. But last time I made the green tea cakes, I made a matcha buttercream, which I also remember being “good.” I suppose I’ll have to make it again, just to be sure…