Pick a Pizza, Win a Prize!

You can never have too much pizza. At least, I can’t.

I know it’s cliché, but pizza really has been one of my favorite foods since I was like, born. Maybe because it’s just so versatile, that you really could never exhaust all of your potential pizza options in one lifetime. Maybe because it’s also as much fun to make as it is to eat. On the heels of our recent pizza-making team effort, my boyfriend and I decided to try our hands at another pizza variety. We used the same crust recipe and the same sauce recipe, but this time let the sauce cook for a few hours in the crock pot.  We also switched up the toppings, like you do, and for this one, went with pepperoni and mushrooms, and used a mix of Havarti and mild cheddar cheese.

waiting to bake.
waiting to bake.

Oh yeah – and this time we also rolled out the dough much thinner, and made two thin-crust pizzas, instead of one giant extra thick and puffy one. Having not one, but two crusts made it into a little friendly pizza-making competition. We each rolled a dough, and topped it individually, and baked them, one at a time.

Pizza #1:

Pizza 1.

which is which?

Pizza #2:
and whose is whose?

and whose is whose?

So….can you guess which one is mine? Pizza #1 or Pizza #2? First person to comment on the post with the right answer gets a free Small Indulgences cookbook!  And no guessing if you already know – that means you, Steve. 😉

Book Fest 2012.

Tomorrow will be my second year participating in the Collingswood Book Festival , and the 10th year of the festival itself! Held in the town of Collingswood, NJ, the festival runs along the main drag (aka Haddon Ave), and is comprised of local authors, vendors selling used books and book-related items, book signings, food, folks, and fun! It runs from 10 – 4, and I will of course be promoting and selling my cookbook.

a small indulgence in itself.

So stop by, say hi, buy a new book, hang out and read, wander around, eat, drink and be merry. And who knows, maybe you’ll find the next book you were meant to read; or more accurately, it will find you. 🙂

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”   ~Haruki Murakami

I love BookBaby!

If BookBaby was a person, I would hug it.

 I’ve mentioned this before – BookBaby is the company that e-published my book. They did the layout and design (and did an absolutely fabulous job on both, I might add) and made it available at all the major online eBook retailers, like Amazon, Apple’s iBookStore, and Barnes & Noble

Well, now they’ve gone and interviewed me for their blog. I love these guys!  I just want to give them a huge THANKS for all of their help in making my vision a reality. If you have a book or an idea for a book, I highly recommend you pay them a visit (www.bookbaby.com). Do it.  You’ll be glad you did.

they did this!!!

And if you’d like to read my interview, you can do that too, just click here.

So, thank you, BookBaby, for helping make my dream come true. And thank you, readers, for your support and attention. And a special thank you to Uncle Laslo, for letting me be myself.