if you like pina colada….cake.

I was co-hosting a bridal shower for a good friend this weekend and one of my assignments was (surprise!) desserts. The theme was “The Golden Girls” so we were trying to go with foods and decor that women who were 80 in the 80’s in Miami would approve of. There was the obvious choice – Cheesecake.

the belle of the ball.

It went so fast, it practically lauched off the serving tray itself.

But every bride needs a shower cake with her name on it. So, a friend stumbled across a pina colada cake, and suggested it for the occasion. I loved the idea so much, I wanted to punch myself in the neck for not coming up with it. Especially since about 3 years ago, I had this big idea (one of many, many, many “big” ideas I’ve had over the years) to open up a joint where every cupcake was modeled after a popular cocktail. I even had a name for said joint – “Let Them Drink Cake.” Clever, right? well, I never did anything with this idea, and sure enough, someone else did, and then I really did punch myself in the neck.

Anyway, the point is not how many ideas I’ve had that I never acted on; but, instead to celebrate the ones I did.

I give you “Pina Colada Bridal Shower Cake” (insert theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey” here):

have your cake and drink it too.

 Thank YOU for being a friend.