elmo cupcake army.

Kids love Elmo. It’s an undeniable fact. And as long as the sun continues to rise everyday, more kids will grow to know and love that red fuzzy high-pitched googly-eyed bundle of muppet. I actually like Elmo myself. At first, I admit, I was anti-Elmo. Who was this character that invaded my beloved Sesame Street and shot to super stardom overnight? He certainly wasn’t around when I watched the show, and anyone that upstages Big Bird ain’t no friend of mine. And then the whole “Tickle Me Elmo” craze of ’96 where parents actually came to blows at Christmas time over the giggly plushie due to short supply.  

tickle me annoyed.

But that’s all in the past.

As time went on, I began to accept Elmo as a true dweller of Sesame Street, and even forgave him for turning Christmas into “fist-mas.” But what really got me boarding the Elmo train was when I realized just how much fun he was to bake.

So bake him I  did…

first there was one.

 he was so much fun, I made more….

and then there were three.

and more…

they're taking over!

and still more….

it's an Elmo cupcake army.

But I didn’t stop there. I went on to make an Elmo cake…

this cake was also vegan!

…and cupcakes again!

this time, they were chocolate.

So, if you, or any child you know would like a confectionery Elmo (or Elmos) for his or her birthday, please don’t hesitate to ask – I’m kinda awesome at Elmo.

Bonus Photo: I couldn’t resist taking this pic. They just looked so creepy.

the Elmo Zombie Apocalypse.

oven spring.

I’ve been doing a very suck-tastic job of blogging lately. I’ve been busy with classes, work, self-discovery…and baking, of course. In fact, the spring has been pretty busy as far as cake making goes. If there’s one thing in this life I’ve been able to rely on lately, it’s the public’s demand for all things baked. And I learned that even when my mind is elsewhere, the one thing that I can still do is bake, and bake well (I’m patting myself on the back at this very moment).

i've also decided to start taking yoga so i can pat myself on the back more easily.


Now that we got that out-of-the-way, it’s time to get to the good stuff – the cakes. So, here’s a sampling of what’s been “springing” out of my oven as of late (ha ha, springing – get it? look ma, I’m funny!).

1. Say Hello to Elmo:

i'm vegan!


2. The purrrr-fect cake:

no cats were harmed in the making of this cake.


3. vanilla cupcakes by day…

give me some sugar, cookie.


4. ….chocolate cupcakes by night.


(on a side note, both of these cupcakes were for an event for WHYY (you know, the TV station…)

5. And last, but not least, the Grande Dame of the lot:

april showers really do bring may flowers (on so many levels).

So, I hope your mouth is now sufficiently watered, and your cake-envy has prompted you to want one of your very own (cakemuffingirl@gmail.com would be a good place to start…just saying).