Featured Fan Favorite: Carrot Cake Lamb.

A while back, I had been doing this Featured Fan Favorite thing – where someone finds a recipe on the blog that strikes their fancy, makes it themselves, and tells me all about it – including a picture of their results, Well, I’m happy to say that the Featured Fan Favorite has returned, and what better way to bring it back than with a reader’s very own Lamb Cake!

Juli Eberts created her Easter Carrot Cake Lamb based on the recipe from the blog!

it's b-ewe-tiful!

it’s b-ewe-tiful!

I especially love how she did the face – I may have to try it that way next year! Juli says, “The kids named him Sammy the Lambie and everyone loved the cake!  Thanks for the great recipe!”  (Sammy the Lambie!! I wish I’d thought of that!)

Thank you, Juli, for sharing your fabulous cake and for following Small Indulgences! xoxoI

I bet you’re now asking yourself, “How can I be the next Featured Fan Favorite? Why, it’s simple! Pick a recipe – any recipe from the blog, create it, and tell me all about it in an email to  – smallindulgencesbakery [at] gmail [dot] com. Don’t forget to include a photo! There’s nothing I love more than sharing the work of fans! (except maybe eating the work of fans.) 😉


Featured Fan Favorite: Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzels.

I’m so excited to already be posting the second Featured Fan Favorite!! This lovely lady (and fellow baker, I might add), comes to us straight outta Boston, loves dogs, and I hear makes the best crepes this side of the Mississippi. Rachel Weiss, come on down!!

Rachel made the Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzels from the most recent Recipe Sunday. She was so excited when I posted them, that she let me know right away of her intention to make them and be the next Featured Fan Favorite!!

“I loved having a legitimate use for my unit conversion app on my iphone, and while the dough sure was sticky, it was super fun to put them together,” she shared. Rachel’s really got the pretzel shape-thing down!!

i know who i want working in my shop.

She sure makes a great knot. As for the finished product, well, according to Rachel, “These are freakin’ delicious!!!!”

how can you "knot" love them??

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your experience!! I’m glad you liked the recipe. So, when are you moving down here and coming to work with me? 😉

Featured Fan Favorite: Chocolate Kahlua Cupcakes.

Howdy! I’m starting another new semi-regular post, entitled Featured Fan Favorite. Unlike my other weekly feature, Recipe Sunday, this post’s frequency depends entirely on you, the readers. Here’s how it works: you make a recipe from my book or blog. You tell me about it. You send me a picture of the finished product. I write about you and post the picture, If you have a website you’d like to include, I’ll post that too. You get what you give, people.

Anyway, my very first featured fan is the lovely and talented west-coaster Jessica Newman! Jessica made the Chocolate Kahlua Cupcakes, which are one of the many small indulgences featured in my book (which you can buy here). She gave them a resounding “Yum, yum and yum!!” and went on to state that “the buttercream frosting is freaking amazing.”

She added her own flair as well, by sprinkling a little cocoa powder on top – “just to make em feel pretty.” I like her style. 🙂

Here’s a photo of her sweet-tastic work of art:

oh what a beautiful cupcake!

Thanks to Jessica for sharing her experience!!! Now who want’s to be the next Featured Fan?? Show me the cupcake!