The Land of Chocolate: A Walking Chocolate Shop Tour of Brussels.


Although it was ultimately serendipity that brought me to Brussels, one of the main things I planned on doing while there was eating as much of that famous Belgian chocolate as possible. This was a daunting task, as I wanted to be sure to really get the good stuff – the stuff made by famous chocolatiers – not the touristy “chain” chocolate shops where the chocolates are mass-produced in some factory somewhere, possibly not even within the country itself. I started researching “best chocolate shops in Brussels” and did actually get some helpful and informative search results. As with the Paris Patisserie Tour, I wound up taking the shops that appeared over an over again as “the best” along with the shops that sounded like the most fun or unique, and put together a comprehensive walking tour of 10 of Brussels finest specimens of chocolate shop. A big thanks to Google Maps for making the route-planning so darn easy.

simply the best.

simply the best.

And while I maintain my belief that there’s no such thing as bad chocolate (unless you count year-old fuzzy chocolate like the piece I found mixed in with my Christmas decorations), my taste buds have been forever altered by the silky smooth deliciousness of authentic Belgian chocolate, and I am deeply saddened that I do not have a suitable replacement back home in the states. I will never look at Hershey’s the same again.

Anyway, the next few posts will relay the tour details in-depth, one stop at a time. So stick around, and let me be your chocolate-y tour guide as we stroll the streets of the land of chocolate, indulging in the best freakin’ chocolate I’ve ever eaten and probably ever will.

they're real, and they're spectacular.

they’re real, and they’re spectacular.

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