The Wind Beneath My Wings.

I just wanted to give thanks to two fabulous organizations for their ongoing love and support – the Association of Independent Authors and BookBaby. Without the help and services that these two groups have offered, I would not be the self-published cook book author you see today.

that’s totally me in a chef’s hat holding the book.

The Association of Independent Authors  is a membership organization representing, advancing, supporting and encouraging self-published (independent) authors. Their membership spans five continents, with directors based in the USA, Asia, Australia, and South Africa.

They truly go above and beyond to support and promote their members, and made me feel welcome from the second I joined, by reaching out with a personal email! To top it all off, they have featured me as the member of the month for August! I just wanted to personally thank them, and spread the word to other indie authors – definitely visit their website and take advantage of all they have to offer!!.

Without BookBaby, there would be no book. BookBaby offers both ebook and book printing services, and I took advantage of both, and couldn’t be happier! Thanks to BookBaby, my book is available for sale as an ebook  worldwide through all the major online retailers including Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, and in print as well (order your copy here!). Am I biased? Maybe a little. But the work they do is top-notch, and the support they’ve offered has been extraordinary, including a recent feature on their blog – check it out here!!

Of course there are so many other people/groups/companies/cats that have been more than amazing as far as offering their time, love, and support (you know who you are).  But let me just express my gratitude one more time to  the AiA and BookBaby – you guys rock. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Fo’ realz. 🙂

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