Still Life with Chocolate Chips.

After attending the Blogher Food Conference in Seattle earlier this month, I returned to the east coast with a new perspective on many things, and with a list of goals, both professional and personal. At the very top of this list was a goal that was quickly becoming an obsession: upgrade my point-and-shoot digital camera to a DSLR. I spent some significant time the following afternoon googling, researching, reading reviews, and polling facebook friends about all things DSLR, and had, by the end of that day, narrowed it down to two models: the Canon T3i and the Nikon D3100. I started then looking on craig’s list, amazon, ebay and various other electronics sites for the best deal. But I didn’t have to look too long. As they saying goes, “everything you want also wants you,” and lo and behold, I got a message from a friend saying he was selling a new and never used Nikon D3100. Game on.

the universe provides.

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to get started! At the same time, I felt a bit daunted by all the buttons, settings, and rather thick manual. So, it sat for a few more days, in the box, while I periodically glanced at it with raised eyebrow, thinking I should just dive in. finally, I did. My very first photo was of my all time favorite subject, Gandalf the Gray.

ready for his close-up.

After getting that first photo under my belt, there was no stopping me. I actually baked something for the sole purpose of photographing it. So, without further ado, i present to you my first DSLR baking photos,  which I’ve appropriately titled “Still Life with Chocolate Chips.”

Photo #1 of 4.

early life.

Photo #2 of 4.

baked and ready.

Photo #3 of 4.

closing in.

Photo #4 of 4.

stay focused.

And if all this wasn’t enough to make you a believer, the day I got the camera, I also got a groupon email for a local photography class at a seriously reduced rate. Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs. You just have to notice them. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Still Life with Chocolate Chips.

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