Best of the Chefs!

It’s a busy week ahead for Small Indulgences!

I’ve begun planning and preparing for WHYY’s Best of the Chefs event, this coming Thursday, June 21st! Here’s a sneak peek of some of the sweets I’ll be contributing for your noshing pleasure:

pixie cakes!!

The event features local Philadelphia area chefs, serving up their delicious tasty bites, all for a chance to be crowned Best of the Chefs! And to top it off, all the proceeds benefit WHYY, which, personally I’ve loved since I was a child. If not for WHYY (affectionately known as “channel 12”), I would not have known Sesame Street. And that would have been a sad life.

This event is selling out fast, but tickets are still available! Again, it’s this Thursday, June 21st, from 7pm – 9pm. Below is the event flyer, with all the details! Hope to see all you Philly peeps there, supporting local chefs, and the awesome and educational WHYY!

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