BlogHer Food Day 1: The Highlights.

I LOVE Seattle.

I love the fact that I can walk around at night, by myself, and feel perfectly safe.

city at night.

I love that fact that I was lost, and two strangers tried to help me find my way home, both telling me the opposite direction in which to go (“you go down that way…follow the curve…”, “nah man, it’s this way!”).

I love the fact that the city is so “walker friendly.”

I love the random things you see along the way.

random straw gardens.

I love that you can get coffee literally on ever corner. Really GOOD coffee.

I love the fresh, wonderful, amazing seafood.

I love that it doesn’t start to get dark until almost 10 pm.

even in the dark, there is light here.

I love that I can wake up so much earlier, and not feel tired (thanks to the 3 hour time difference).

And I love the BlogHer Food Conference so far, which is what brought me here for my second visit to begin with! I met some really awesome people, doing really amazing things, including Health Coach and Yoga Instructor Alene Brennan (she really knows her stuff, and I’m totally hiring her for yoga instruction!); Rebecca Rodriguez from Parties that Cook  (a party where you learn to cook – what a fabulous idea! and they come to you!);  and Toni Spilsbury, from The Organized Cook (offering balanced, healthy and affordable meal plans for busy moms – and she takes absolutely fantastic photos – I’ve asked her for tons of advice already!).

And this is only Day 1. I’ve got a full day ahead of me today, and I’m looking forward to every second of it. A little rain is a small price to pay for such a lively and positive city. That’s what it is – something about Seattle is just positive. The overall vibe of the city. Might a cross-country move be in my future? I’ll have to consult the Magic 8 Ball. And by Magic 8 Ball, I mean Gandalf.

he’s got quite a poker face.




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