Memories of Memorial Days Past.

As another Memorial Day weekend comes to a close, I reflect upon Memorial Day weekends past. For some reason, I’ve had a lot of very memorable Memorial Days (ha ha, get it?). It’s true though. More than any other holiday of the year, I can remember previous Memorial Days with great clarity – many of them including major life-changing events. I don’t know if it’s because at the beginning of every summer, I turn into a different  person, who we’ll call “Summer Jeanine,” or if warm weather just makes everyone a little crazier, myself included. Either way, there’s something about Memorial Day that seems to bring changes and good times.

Memorial Day has never let me down, and this year it even included a Yoda birthday cake for my nephew.


And even better, I got to present it to him in person, and see the look on his face when he first saw it. That’s the good stuff, folks.

So here’s one more Memorial Day for the books – a would-be bestseller, no doubt.. 😉

~~2012 Memorial Day memory: a joke, as told by my younger nephew:

“Why did the baby banana cry? Because his parents were zombies!”  I’ll remember it forever. 


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