Mom takes the cake.

13 May

Actually, I brought it to her, and willingly gave it to her, so literally, mom did not “take” the cake, as it was a gift. Figuratively, however, she sure does take the cake. And so does your mom, and everyone who is a mom. I hope you all got a chance to celebrate with your mom today, or celebrate being a mom, or both! And i sure hope there was cake involved! My mom has never been big into flowers, but she sure does love cake. So once again, I have given her the gift that keeps on giving (or at least 8 slices of giving) – a Mother’s Day Cake!

you are my sunshine, mom.

This particular Mother’s Day Cake is red velvet, with chocolate icing. Most people don’t give much thought to the red velvet/chocolate icing combo, which is rather sad, as it really is quite complimentary and extremely delicious. Just ask mom – she knows best! :)

PS: I really wanted to include this photo I took of the cake before the I wrote on it, using Instagram. I’ve become totally obsessed with Instagram. It’s so much fun. Almost as fun as making the cake.

cake effects.


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2 responses to “Mom takes the cake.

  1. mydearbakes

    May 15, 2012 at 12:51 am

    Wow, Love your bakes, lovely! =)


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