Let them eat cookie.

Once I finally perfected my chocolate chip cookie recipe, I started moving into the world of cookie cakes. They’re fun to make, and seem to be a real crowd pleaser. I mean, who doesn’t love a giant cookie? (except for that scene in “Bridesmaids” when she goes nuts and trashes the bridal shower, including the giant cookie.) But most people would rather eat a giant cookie than destroy it, so I started making them more and more, especially for the cookie-lovers in my life. In fact, last week I had the pleasure of making two:

A birthday cookie:

celebrate good times, come on.

and a “get well” cookie:

take one of these, and call me in the morning.

I love making these things. They make people happy. And that makes me happy. Not to mention, It gives me the opportunity to eat cookie dough. Mmmmm….cookie dough….

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