I Saw Red.

For a very long time, I’ve been on a search to find the perfect red velvet cake recipe. Time and again, I thought I struck gold, but each time, I had been duped. The cake was either too dry, not red enough, tasted just too much like chocolate, didn’t rise – you name it. I was starting to get discouraged. I found myself in the baking aisle at the supermarket, one fist raised, shaking the red velvet box cake: “What are you made of??!! Show me what you’re made of??!!!” I definitely got the hairy eyeball from nearby shoppers that day.

cake nemesis.

Well sigh no more!! I have finally found it! The one red velvet recipe to rule them all! And I have my friend over at Sweet Saromah Cupcakes and Desserts  to thank! She’s super talented – make sure you visit her site and check out all her yummy (and beautiful!) sweets!

I was so excited to try her recipe, that I wasted no time and went right to kitchen. The batter looked nice and red, and tasted delish. I opted to make cupcakes, and cut the recipe in half, baked at 350, and…

holy red velvet, batman!

Perfection!!! They were the right color, they “puffed” perfectly, they were moist, and just flat-out fabulous. I topped them with a dollop of buttercream, and some pink sprinkles, to give them a little flair.

all dressed up with no place to go.

Having just made these for the sheer joy of baking, I had nowhere to take them. So, I did what I always do when I bake for fun – brought them to work.

Here are a few unsolicited testimonials from gracious dessert-loving co-workers:

“I’ve had one bite so far..And my mouth is totally watering for more as I type this…I’m gonna have to hit send right now and go back!”  – J.G.

“Wow.  You’re at a whole new level now. Time to get these out to the public.” – M.T.

“Mine unfortunately seemed to evaporate, however, if a 2nd were available for testing I could retry.” – C.C.

The public has spoken.

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