Two great tastes.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

You might say these two were made for each other. There’s really no better pairing – the sweet, seductiveness of the chocolate compliments the salty, smoothness of the peanut butter perfectly. When someone asks me what my favorite candy is, to this day I still say Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

But in reality, as wonderful as chocolate and peanut butter are together, it’s just not something one can eat all the time. It’s almost too good – and as people, we are taught that we can’t have what’s too good for too long or too often. That’s not the way the world is, baby. 

Peanut butter finds a nice relationship with jelly – one that can be enjoyed every day forever. A PB&J sandwich makes perfect sense as a daily lunch choice. Not too overpowering, yet still quite tasty. As for chocolate, it’s a sexy snack all on its own. It pretty much pleases everyone most of the time, and can be fully enjoyed by itself, and often.

But, every so often, the two collide, causing a delicious taste explosion, like no other. We all need chocolate and peanut butter now and then. We all deserve it. Be thankful for the truly great experiences in your lives – they make it all worthwhile, even if they can’t be enjoyed all the time. We always know that it’s there.

I was made for you.

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