Come and knock on my door…


That’s what tonight was: a big fat FAIL. I was going to make these fabulous strawberry Valentine’s Day cookies – actually, I was originally going to make them yesterday, but because of a hiccup early in the process and not having enough hours in the day I was only able to get the cookie shells done.

what i got.

I figured, no big deal – all I’ve got going on tomorrow night (which is now tonight) is the gym, so I can just finish them up when I get home, take a few snap shots, and only be one day late with Recipe Sunday. Apparently the baking gods were not on my side this evening however. Maybe I was being punished for not getting them done yesterday as I had planned. Who knows. In an attempt to save time by multi-tasking – blogging and baking at the same time – I not only completely ruined the first batch of strawberry jam (yeah, there were blackened berries in that sucker), but after getting more than halfway through the blog post, it got all jacked up when I inserted a photo and, for some mysterious reason, only saved the first three words, which were “Yes, I know.” Do you, now…

the jam - just before the moment of ruination.

So anyway, my apologies for not posting a Recipe Sunday, or even a Recipe Monday Night. I have no excuse, but my Three’s Company-esque baking shenanigans should at least count for something, if merely for their entertainment value. I’m throwing in the oven mitt for the night, and heading out with Jack, Janet, and Chrissy to embark on a series of misunderstandings, mistaken identities, and madcap misadventures, wearing short shorts and high socks. I’ll tell Mr. Furley you said Hi.

cooking up trouble.

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