Featured Fan Favorite: Chocolate Kahlua Cupcakes.

21 Jan

Howdy! I’m starting another new semi-regular post, entitled Featured Fan Favorite. Unlike my other weekly feature, Recipe Sunday, this post’s frequency depends entirely on you, the readers. Here’s how it works: you make a recipe from my book or blog. You tell me about it. You send me a picture of the finished product. I write about you and post the picture, If you have a website you’d like to include, I’ll post that too. You get what you give, people.

Anyway, my very first featured fan is the lovely and talented west-coaster Jessica Newman! Jessica made the Chocolate Kahlua Cupcakes, which are one of the many small indulgences featured in my book (which you can buy here). She gave them a resounding “Yum, yum and yum!!” and went on to state that “the buttercream frosting is freaking amazing.”

She added her own flair as well, by sprinkling a little cocoa powder on top – “just to make em feel pretty.” I like her style. :)

Here’s a photo of her sweet-tastic work of art:

oh what a beautiful cupcake!

Thanks to Jessica for sharing her experience!!! Now who want’s to be the next Featured Fan?? Show me the cupcake!


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