Introducing: Pixie Cakes!

You may recall that my baked good gifts of choice this year for Christmas were chocolate covered cake balls (see: Deck the Halls with Chocolate Covered Cake Balls).  Well, I don’t think I knew quite what I was getting into with these petite bites of heavenly sweetness. Everyone who had them not only said they liked them, but  also either professed love for them, deemed them the “best thing I’ve ever made” (for realz!), or expressed interest in purchasing more. So, with the feedback all being so overwhelmingly positive, I’ve decided to offer them up for sale, as my “signature item.”

I'm a driver, I'm a winner.

 There was, however, one small issue with these tiny treats: the name. “Cake Balls” is, well, frankly, boring. Not to mention generic, and lacking in pizzazz. Being a huge fan of pizzazz, I couldn’t unleash my signature small indulgence to the masses, with a sub-par moniker. I started tossing around names in my head. I came up with a short list, but something was still lacking. I decided to take it to the streets. The next morning, I hand-picked a select group of individuals who met the following criteria: enjoyed my baked goods in the past, knew me and my personal style, were savvy consumers, and just all around smart folks, not to mention really really ridiculously good-looking.  

The level of feedback was unanticipated and absolutely invaluable. Thanks one and all for your thought-provoking and fun (and some even funny: i.e., “tinkerballs”) suggestions. Through a series of fortunate events and emails, the perfect name had come to light:

Pixie Cakes, aka “Pixies” for short, each topped with a signature sprinkling of “pixie dust.” And by pixie dust, I mean…pixie dust. Me and Tinkerbell are pretty tight.. .

a star is born.

 It truly was a team effort, which makes me like the name even more. 🙂 

A list of available options and pricing will be up shortly. In the meantime, if you must have your Pixies now, and I can totally understand if you do, email me at As always, suggestions for a Pixie you’d like to see are always welcome.



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