Shine on you crazy cakeball.

So on a whim, I wandered into the kitchen tonight after having dinner with a friend and fellow baker, and just started creating, without any real plan. I used coconut the other night, so that was in the front of my mind, and I had a bag of leftover cake scraps in the freezer, so I pulled that out. I was totally on autopilot. I then mixed the cake with some vanilla buttercream, added a little coconut extract, and some shredded coconut, shaped them into balls, melted some light blue colored white chocolate I just happened to have in the cabinet, coated each ball, and sprinkled them all with white sanding sugar. The result? White chocolate covered coconut cake balls that sparkle like diamonds in the snow..


Not only do they look like a winter wonderland,  they taste like it too. And if you’ve never tasted winter wonderland, it’s about time you did. Just goes to show you, sometimes the best things come out without thinking. I should really stop thinking more often.


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