Who’s coming with me?

“I was 35. I had started my life.” This is what Jerry Maguire reflects upon, after he’s written his mission statement, printed up 110 copies, and distributed it to everyone in his company. It was entitled “‘The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business.”

I am 35 years old. And I couldn’t agree more with Jerry Maguire’s revelation. The only difference, is that my mission statement would simply be called “The Things We Think and Do Not Say,” period.  Now I’m not suggesting you go around saying everything to everyone that pops in your mind – you’re bound to get punched in the face, on more than one occasion. But, If you have something you want to tell someone – how you feel about them, how they make you feel, how they’ve helped you, or maybe you have things about yourself you’ve always wanted to share and felt you couldn’t – share them. Tell those you care about how you feel. Apologize when you’re sorry. Tell someone you forgive them. This life is too short to be full of pride, ego, and fear. None of those things are going to make you feel good, ultimately. But telling someone you love them/thank them/are happy just to be near them, and seeing the glow on their face, now that’s what it’s all about it. As far as I know, no one’s dying regret was ever having told someone that they loved them. So as the another year comes to a close, I think back on what an amazing year it was – full of challenges, emotions, changes, integrity, responsibility, and most importantly…Love.

you complete me.

Get out there and change the world in 2012; that’s what I intend to do. I’m 35, and I’m starting my life.

Happy New Year. 🙂


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