Deck the Halls with Chocolate Covered Cake Balls.

So every year for about the past 3 years, I’ve tried to come up with a baking “theme” gift for my friends. Something that I can make for everyone, make up little plates or boxes of, and give out like a regular Betty Crocker Claus. It’s typically been a Small Indulgence, even before I started this whole Small Indulgences concept legitimately. This year, being a pastry school graduate, I felt I needed to take it to the next level – really show off some of my skills – without getting too crazy, as I have to be able to mass-produce this thing rather quickly and efficiently within the time constraints of the Christmas rush.

After hours of deliberating, I finally came up with the 2011 Small Indulgences treat of the season: Chocolate Covered Cake Balls!

balls in a box.

 I loved this project – it included two of my favorite things – chocolate and cake! I made a bunch of flavors:

Chocolate cake covered in chocolate…

you can never have too much chocolate.

 Vanilla cake covered in white chocolate (colored green)…

green is the new chocolate.

 And there were also chocolate peanut butter, and white chocolate peppermint (not pictured). I packed them into a small candy box, each with a ribbon and personalized Small Indulgences tag.

good things come in small packages.


Although these balls couldn’t be hung on a tree, they were a huge hit, and not one, but two people have already approached me about actually ordering them! It just goes to show you that in the end, the love you make, is equal to the cake you bake. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Deck the Halls with Chocolate Covered Cake Balls.

  1. Loved the ending comment “and in the end . . . . . . ” – made me chuckle – cake ball packages really look great – love you!!!!!

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