A fine line between love and cheesecake.

So it’s no secret that cheesecake is fattening. It’s also no secret that cheese makes everything better, including dessert. Cake is great as it is, but make it with cheese…..yeah baby, that’s right, we’re talking cheesecake: the dessert you love to hate.

So, what’s a health-conscious dessert-loving girl to do?? Why, make them mini, of course.

many mini cheesecakes.

Not only does this cut down on the calories (without cutting down on the lusciousness), it also cuts down on the cooking time (big cheesecakes take so long to bake (often over an hour!). But these delightful little devils bake in 30 minutes (or less!). Plus, you can make many flavors, and bake them all at the same time, like we did in class.

We had a NY Style Cheesecake, which was pumpkin:

complete with autumn accoutrements.

A French style, which was coffee:

let them drink cheesecake.

And an Italian bad-boy, which was citrus:


What’s the difference between NY, French, and Italian Cheesecake, you might ask? The cheese, of course! NY is made with cream cheese, French is made with Mascarpone cheese, and Italian is made with Ricotta. At least, that’s how we made them – and they were all wonderfully cheese-alicious. Like I said, cheese makes everything better. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll even post one of the recipes for this coming Recipe Sunday….

Don’t hate me because i’m dessert-iful.

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