I’ll have the burnt cream, please.

Everything sounds better in french. It’s just a fact. Au revoir (goodbye), petit dejeuner (breakfast), boulangerie (bakery)…heck even Je viens de vomi (I just threw-up) has a nice ring to it when spoken in the most romantic language on earth. Such it is with Crème brûlée.

Crème brûlée means “burnt cream.” We made it in class this week, and every time I mentioned to someone that we made it, their response was some form of “MMMMM…That’s my favorite dessert.” And it really is one of the best desserts around, with its rich creamy inside, and crispy top. You can’t go wrong when you order it at a restaurant – I’ve never met a Crème brûlée I didn’t like.  

But what if instead, as you were sipping your apéritif (after dinner drink) and perusing the dessert menu, listed among the likes of Sacher Torte, Napoleon, and Tart Tatin was “Burnt Cream.” Would you even consider ordering that? I bet you’d pause on it, wonder what possibly could be so great about that, and move on, while maybe even begin questioning the credibility of the establishment. But with just a quick switch to French, you’ve got yourself a Crème brûlée.

lost in translation.

So next time you’re at a restaurant, and you wonder why all the desserts are in french and you can barely pronounce them, just think of burnt cream.

Speaking of pronunciation and Crème brûlée, for some reason my mom has never been able to pronounce it properly. Instead of saying “Crem brew – LAY,” she says “Crem BREW-lee.” I bet she says it right from now on, though. 😉

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