get pumped for pumpkin.

It’s that time of year – the air gets a little brisker, the days get a little shorter, the desserts get a little better. Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t think it gets any better than the seasonal desserts of autumn. Throw in Halloween, and you’ve got your work cut out for you, especially when it comes to cupcakes!

So, with that being said, this post is dedicated to fall-themed cupcakes, both past and present. Maybe you’ll see something that tickles your autumn taste buds, and then proceed to email me and place an order for it. I’m here to help.

Let the games begin!

all pumpkin, all the time.

This is a cinnamon pumpkin cupcake with a buttercream flower on top, and sprinkled with cinnamon. Perfect companion for that spiced latte you’ve been waiting all year for.

sprinkles add instant autumn.

These are also pumpkin, but pumpkin spice, with a whipped cream frosting, and “autumn medley” sprinkles. Kid’s love ’em. And just so no adults feel left out…

the adult version.

Same pumpkin spice cupcake, but with more elegant grown-up icing.

Moving right along,..

spider - he is our hero.

These are not pumpkin, they’re chocolate, but the cups are orange and they’re Halloween themed. Plus they have an oreo on top. Who doesn’t love an oreo spider?

Keeping with the Halloween theme…

scary good.

Also not pumpkin, but Halloween themed, these buttercream ghosts are perched atop a vanilla mini cupcake, and with mini M&M eyes that scare you into eating them.

Now for something completely different… 

it's all about the leaves.

These were an actual request for “autumn themed” cupcakes. I was given free rein on decorating, the only requirement was that they were chocolate.

And finally, to bring it all full circle…

autumn in ball form.

Pumpkin cake balls topped with a dollop of pumpkin buttercream. Can you eat just one? I don’t think so. But why don’t you order some from me and try?

So that’s a just a sampling of what I can do to make your autumn a little sweeter. So what are you waiting for? Before you know it, fall is over and its Christmas. And what have you done?

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