The ancient art of reading.

Yesterday I spent the day hocking books at the Collingswood Book Festival, which is in its 9th year, and runs up and down the main street in Collingswood – Haddon Ave. Let me start off by saying that I had an absolutely fabulous time – it was well-organized, fun, and all the people involved were super friendly and helpful! So, a big thanks goes to them!!

But in addition to the festival itself, everything else about the day was ahh-mazing. I met some really cool fellow vendors, in particular the gentlemen at the booth next to me, Jim, who owns Fenham Publishing, and had some really cool horror/supernatural books for sale, written by his own grandfather (who was friends with Houdini – how cool is that??) I highly recommend checking out his site!

The crowd was by far, the best crowd at any festival I’ve ever attended as a vendor, as well. Granted, this was my first Book/Literary event. Up until now, I’ve attended primarily craft festivals, selling homemade bags, or knit hats, or shirts, or whatever I thought I wanted to do at the time. I sold baked goods as well at more recent ones, and found that to be more fulfilling, however it still had nothing on yesterday. I felt…at home. I love writing. I love books. I love reading. I majored in English Lit in college for a reason, and had no real idea what that reason was until yesterday. Whenever someone asked, “are you the author?” my heart literally fluttered. I am a writer. That’s who I am. And I finally found a subject on which I can really wax poetic –  baking. I bake, therefore I write.


let's give 'em something to blog about.


So, thanks to all my friends who came out to say “Hi” and support me – you guys are the best!! And thanks to all the people I met yesterday who stopped by the booth! I loved chatting with all of you!! If you purchased the book, I hope you enjoy it! If you’d like to purchase it, you can do so right now by clicking on the image below:

get your copy here!

Or, if you’d prefer to download the ebook, you can do that too!

For the iPad, click here.

For the Kindle, click here

For the Nook, click here.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who had anything to do with any part of yesterday. It was such a wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, amazing and all-around happy day. I’m so grateful to be where I am right now. Thank you, clarity. Thank you, consequence. Thank you, thank you silence.


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