everything’s coming up streusel.

Yum, Everything’s better with streusel. I think it’s been confined to topping only coffee cakes and muffins for too long. What wouldn’t be made better by having a crumb topping of butter, flour, and white sugar? These cinnamon cupcakes I made recently sure were:

streusel my cupcake.

But these are still on the traditional side, as far as streusel goes. You could have streusel on your pudding, streusel on your cereal, even streusel on your chicken (I’d totally eat that). Or how about streusel-covered fruit! Once, I even made stand-alone streusel. I was going to use it for cupcakes, but I had planned on putting it on top of the icing, as opposed to baking it right on top of the cake, like so:

top that.

This particular cupcake was my very own creation – coffee cake cupcake, with cream cheese icing, topped with streusel. And yes, they were the tops. What I discovered while making these guys, was that streusel was super yummy even by itself. I couldn’t stop eating it. It was TOO good. Maybe that’s why you don’t see streusel for sale as a snack food. Although, I’d love to sprinkle some streusel on my ice cream…hmmm…snack-sized streusel..I think I might be on to something. 😉

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