vote for me for “sweet of the week!”

Not actually for me, although I’ve been called sweet from time to time, particularly in recent years. But no, this contest is for sweets of the edible variety, and my sweet needs your vote!

Sweetopia, the sweetest website on the planet, runs a weekly contest, known as the”Sweet of the Week.” Well, this particular week is even sweeter than usual, as my very own confectionery creation is up for the title!

our fierce competitor.

That’s right, its my heart-shaped chocolate box, also affectionately known as “Boxy Brown” in certain circles.

So, if you could please, please, please, please cast your vote for Boxy, I would be ever so grateful. And of course, if I were to win, a celebratory confection must be made to commemorate the victory (so it’s like you win, too!).

Anyway, to vote, go to, scroll down, and you’ll see Boxy Brown, the heart-shaped chocolate box, just waiting to be voted for.

Please spread the word as well, folks. It only takes a second to vote, you don’t have to register or sign up for anything, and you’re helping a young chocolate box “make it” in this crazy world.  

Thanks, everyone!




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