I love BookBaby!

If BookBaby was a person, I would hug it.

 I’ve mentioned this before – BookBaby is the company that e-published my book. They did the layout and design (and did an absolutely fabulous job on both, I might add) and made it available at all the major online eBook retailers, like Amazon, Apple’s iBookStore, and Barnes & Noble

Well, now they’ve gone and interviewed me for their blog. I love these guys!  I just want to give them a huge THANKS for all of their help in making my vision a reality. If you have a book or an idea for a book, I highly recommend you pay them a visit (www.bookbaby.com). Do it.  You’ll be glad you did.

they did this!!!

And if you’d like to read my interview, you can do that too, just click here.

So, thank you, BookBaby, for helping make my dream come true. And thank you, readers, for your support and attention. And a special thank you to Uncle Laslo, for letting me be myself.


5 thoughts on “I love BookBaby!

  1. I was loving bookbaby until they changed their policy. The bookbaby site mentions nothing about how long it takes from when they receive payment off of your book until they send you payment for your book. After you’ve submitted your book and paid, then you receive notification saying 45 – 60 days. (a little shady, but not too aweful) I waited patiently for the time specified and then called bb. They said, “Oh no. It’s 90 days. That’s the deal we made with the book sites.”

    Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc… all have a two week settlement cycle. Bookbaby’s claim that these companies are delaying payment for 3 months is probably just a cover so they can hold onto author’s money longer and collect on the interest. Okay, that’s understandable, that’s why there’s a delay with paypal, but 90 days?! That’s ridiculous. Had I known bookbaby was going to be so egregious, I would not have gone with them. ~ FYI

  2. Nope – Have to retract what I said about bookbaby. I spoke to them again about delivery of payment, etc… and they actually had a very good explaination as to why it now takes 90 days from sale to payment. Apparently there are some swindlers out there who put up an ebook for $30 and then it turns out to be just three sentences long. Amazon, etc.. have had to delay payment so that people don’t get defrauded so they’ve set up a delay for paying out, etc… I’m not sure why the first bookbaby representative did not just provide this info. Weird because the second person I spoke to was hugely professional and helpful.

    They are also adjusting their website for more transparency as to how long the process actually takes.

    Also, they are trying to have a program where you can see what’s selling even though there is a delay in payment. That has a lot of legal issues so it’s taking a little while, but they are pushing forward with it and hope to have it in place this year.

    So now I’m back to happy with Bookbaby again. They’re smoothing out the bumps as quickly as possible. It’s just a shame that there are some fraudsters out there taking advantage of the ebook system. Always a good reason to get a book sample before downloading it.

    • Adrianne – i’m so glad to hear it worked out for you! I had a great experience with them as well, and would definitely use them again! Thanks for sharing your story – this info is good to know, and it stinks that some people try to ruin it for the rest of us with fraudulent publications. 😛

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