mmmm…beer cupcakes.

So whenever I eat cake, I don’t think “Gee, you know what would go great with this? A beer!” Yet, somehow, the two can live together in perfect harmony in the form of one delectable small indulgence: the beer cupcake.

beer, meet cupcake.

I whipped up these little temptuous treats for a gathering this weekend. I can’t take credit for writing the recipe myself and I don’t know who did – I got it many years ago, and it has no name or website on it and I have no recollection of where it came from. I can say that I did make one minor adjustment, which some could argue led to a major improvement: I used a different kind of beer.

The recipe recommends Guinness, or something similar. I thought, heck, why not try a “fancy beer” – one with an exotic ingredient or unique taste. Or maybe just one that would seem to make the perfect mate to a chocolate cupcake. So, I browsed the aisles of the liquor store down the street, when, there it was, on the bottom shelf, screaming “I was made for your cupcakes!”

the only thing better than beer is chocolate beer.

Chocolate cupcake. Chocolate beer. These two were MFEO (that’s “made for each other” in the popular language known as “texting”). I topped off my little chocolate fellas with a creme mousseline – a topping/filling I’ve become quite familiar with in the recent weeks. The cupcake is on the dense side, so a light, fluffy, buttery mousseline complimented the denseness quite nicely, and was reminiscent of the foam on the top of a real beer.

dense in a good way, like Napoleon Dynamite.

In addition to being dense, the beer boosts the moistness factor up a notch as well. So cupcakes + beer = a moist, dense, delicious treat, to which nobody can deny. Make it a chocolate beer, and I think you may have found  a way to get us off this island, professor.

he wishes he'd thought of that.


8 thoughts on “mmmm…beer cupcakes.

  1. Um- ok…. I absolutely LOVE Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. Absolutely LOVE IT! You must make this for me sometime! We experienced it in FL last year for the first time, and were able to find it right here in the Dirty Jerz! LOVE IT- did I mention that?!

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  3. I guess I’m the dumb one out.

    I found the link to your Regular Chocolate Cake from which you made cupcakes, but it doesn’t have any Guinness. I don’t see the recipe for Guinness chocolate cake from which you then replaced the Guinness with Double Chocolate Stout.

    The article gives the creative background and evolution, but I’m not finding the recipe. Must I go back to simply drinking Guinness, warm, by the pint, like an Irishman? Or can you provide the URL that includes the Guinness chocolate cakes?

    Thank God this is the worst of my problems. (No it’s not.)

    I think I’d have to make one cake with Guinness and the other with Double Chocolate Stout, and then do an A-B Test. A, mmmm, B, mmmm, A, mmmm, B, mmmm, A, mmmm, B,…

    This would be my introduction to baking. Maybe the recipe is shown, but I don’t recognize it because I’m a beginner…

    Speaking of beginners, I’m ready to make the crust. I found the method elsewhere; easy. But I’ll use your recipe for the simple crust. Not to worry about that.

    Best luck,

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