cake or pie?

Both. Or at least a happy compromise of the two. The cake vs. pie debate is one that has been waged for centuries and will continue well into the future until solid food no longer exists and we are injecting ourselves daily with a “super compound” of vitamins, minerals and pain killers.

But for now, we argue: which is better? As a known dessert-freak, I have one heck of hard time choosing one over the other. Sometimes, cake is called for (you can’t really put birthday candles in a pie). Other times, you just gotta have that flakey crust and moist drippy filling.  And as making decisions is not my strong suit, I’ve decided to create my own compromise: Cake Pie.

Now, I am by no means claiming that I invented Cake Pie. I’m sure some other baker out there has done it too.  But I did create my own recipe. originally, I had envisioned Cake Pie to be a pie crust filled with cake. I had no idea what this would taste like, and I also ran into the issue of baking times and temperature – the cake would not be done when the crust was, and the crust would be like shriveled bacon if baked for as long as the cake. What a confectionery conundrum.

a failed equation.

I decided I was looking at this all wrong. Cake Pie was not going to work at all. Pie Cake on the other hand….

the next E=mc2.

This particular variety of Pie Cake is Lemon Meringue, complete with lemon custard filling. the cake is a light lemon flavor, the “icing” is just plain old meringue, edges singed for your pleasure.

I’ve got other ideas for my next Pie Cake adventure. We’ll see where that leads. Although, I really would like to solve the Cake Pie equation.  It’s going to drive me nuts, and one day, you’ll find me locked in a shed, surround by pictures of cakes and pies, talking to myself and claiming it was the Russians.

a beautiful mind can't even solve this one.


3 thoughts on “cake or pie?

  1. Here’s a crazy idea for the cake pie: could you make the pastry shell, freeze it, then pour cake batter into the frozen shell and stick it in the oven? When I made the pies for my wedding, I froze them all uncooked, and then baked them from frozen, which took 1.5-2 hours, and the crust wasn’t burnt. 1.5-2 hours is plenty of time for a cake to fully cook!

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