My apologies.

Hello everyone, I removed my previous post, as it was brought to my attention that it may have been taken the wrong way. I certainly did not intend to put anyone off in any way. The post was meant to be a commentary on myself, an in no way a reflection of the event or it’s purpose. I sincerely apologize if it was interepreted that way, and i will be more mindful in the future of how things are expressed.




6 thoughts on “My apologies.

  1. What an awesome gal you are, and you have business baking! It’s so refreshing to find people who can bake and write as well as you do! I enjoy your blogs and your humble nature- you truly are one of the nicest people I know… I’d never believe you’d ever write anything hurtful on purpose! AND- I’d hire you to make cupcakes for me again any day. Thank you for existing, writing and baking!

  2. It seems that everything revolves around you without the least consideration of others…the commentaries that you make about yourself are an expression of your extreme Narcissism…

    • Oh my goodness! Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of Jesus Christ this morning- without her Lexapro and Haldol cocktail! Whatever happened to the Golden Rule- “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”? Or even better, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” Why bother looking at this blog if you have nothing nice to say about the baker/writer?

      Do people ever take a step aside and wonder or think that some people write in a manner that may be slightly exaggerated for effect and fun? I enjoy these blogs and hope you continue to write them. And for J.Gordon- STOP READING THEM! And don’t bother reading anyone else’s blogs- ever… because blogs are written to inform and discuss personal experiences, which apparently you find to be self-centered and Narcissistic! (pot calling kettle black?) Oh yes, and remember- this is the digital era on the information super-highway… your IP address can be tracked and I’m pretty sure at least your whereabouts, if not your identity can be found if baker/writer really wanted to, so be nice. Oh- and may God bless you and hold you in the palm of his hand on this glorious of days! Amen.

  3. Well hey, I have had Jeanine’s cupcakes so if talking about how good and fun thyey are makes her a “narcissist”, then more power to her. Deelish!!

    • Right on. I’ve had them too and they’re delicious. Her fun postings are well warranted and her cupcakes are worth every word! And I don’t really think that a “narcissist” would post links to other bakery’s blogs either! Just saying…. 😉

  4. I don’t think you should’ve taken the blog post down. You didn’t do anything wrong. You won a contest, why shouldn’t you be proud of yourself?

    Some people don’t know the difference between narcissism and self-esteem. Some people are apparently jealous as hell.

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