just shoot me.

So, yesterday, I took part in a photo shoot for my book (which you can buy in print or as an ebook, here). Let me just say that I am no stranger when it comes to the camera. I absolutely love having my picture taken, I love looking at my picture after it’s been taken, and I’ve been this way since I was able to recognize myself in pictures. I guess you could call it vanity – but I don’t think anyone would really consider me vain (ok, maybe a little), but I feel it’s more a byproduct of just being flat-out fabulous.

Merriam-Webster defines “fabulous” as  “resembling or suggesting a fable; of an incredible, astonishing, or exaggerated nature.”  As children, we often view the entire world as fabulous – everything is so new to us that it’s all incredible and astonishing, and who knows what lurks around the corner or in the woods. 

Sadly, as some of us age, we lose that sense of wonder; that belief that the world can be and is already fabulous. I have chosen to never lose my sense of “fabulous.” And although I can’t prevent aging, and I certainly don’t feel I’m immature by any means, I make a conscious effort every single day to observe and relish in all that is fabulous, as a child would. I’ll always love sugar and candy. I’ll always swing on the swings. I’ll always wear pink and ruffles. I believe dessert IS the best part of every meal.  I bake, sing, run, and dress up everyday because these are fabulous things, yet all so simple in nature. So quit shying away from your inner fabulous. You were all kids once – you’ve definitely got it in you.

I came across this quote today, which pretty much sums up my principle of living:

There are two types of people: those who come into a room and say, ‘Well, here I am!’ and those who come in and say, ‘Ah, there you are.’

Well, here I am. And I’m fabulous.


5 thoughts on “just shoot me.

  1. From the title to the closing statement this is fabulous post! I love when you stray from your small sweet things topic to grander and more inspiring topics. And you touched me with this, so thank you. You are a unique and creative writer and yes, you are fabulous!

    …and I love your book!

  2. Any of your commentaries (besides the derogatory one posted yesterday in re to your win against amateur bakers!) are self-centered and narcissistic!!! Shame on you!!! You are NOT “fabulous”, you are a conceited, yet insecure, creature!!! P.S. Your cupcakes were average for a “professional” baker, I sampled some that were much better than yours!

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