one bad cake.

Today I made a very ugly cake. It tasted good. I mean, it was a yellow cake, and the consistency was spot on. The decorating….well it was just bad. There’s no nice way to say it. It looked like a kid did it – a kid forced to wear a blindfold and use only their non-dominant hand. The worst part was that it was a design I’ve done before – more than once! Everything about it just went wrong. And when put together, it was one hot cake mess and could have easily been featured on the homepage of  Cake Wrecks.

I did not take photos. I couldn’t bear to humiliate myself any further. Funny, but writing about my disastrous decorating drama actually makes it seem not quite so bad. I mean, I did an excellent job evening out the top and cutting equal-sized layers – and quickly too! I got the base icing on really quickly as well. When I really think about it, the only really ugly parts were the sides, after I ran the icing comb around them. I don’t know what happened – it was uneven in thickness, sticking to the comb and forming points, and it was as if I somehow couldn’t figure out how to hold it straight. The cake comb is my nemesis.

i hate you.

My shell border was fine too. and the top was really smooth. My roses were just – eh. I think by that point I was so distraught by the ugly sides that I couldn’t concentrate and the roses just looked like wilted purple blobs. I wouldn’t pay money for that thing.

So, now that I’ve owned up to my truly ugly cake, I feel like I can move forward. And move forward I shall, as I have about 4 dozen cupcakes to make and decorate by tomorrow afternoon.  Shake it off, and get back on the mound. There’s a game to be won.

this good cake is here to remind you (and myself) that i do have business baking.


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