cake gets punked.

Last year, I participated in an event called the Punk Rock Flea Market. This was my second time as a vendor at this event, which is held in Philadelphia, twice a year (summer and winter), on what usually winds up being the hottest and coldest day of the year. Last summer, it certainly was an inferno. But that just made it even more punk rock – a room full of smelly, sweaty self-proclaimed “punks” covered in piercings and tattoos, selling or buying vintage clothes, jewelry, junk and vinyl.

And then there was me. I decided I was going to sell punk rock themed cupcakes. On the hottest day of the year. In a sweaty, smelly, dirty warehouse.  But I had already committed to the event, and had made the cupcakes the day before, so the deal was sealed.

Anyway, coming up with the concept for the cupcakes was a bit of a challenge. What does one put on a cupcake to make it punk rock? A piercing? That might not translate well, and leave folks confused as to what they’re eating. A punk dude/chic with spiky hair and a snarl? That’s going to take a lot of time per cupcake and require me to charge more for each and I highly doubted that punks looking for cheap goods would drop any serious loot on a fancy cupcake. I’m not quite sure how it came to me (possibly in a dream) but suddenly, the wheels were in motion, and the perfect punk cupcake popped into my head:

Anarchy Rules.

I sold them all but one, which I ate myself at the end of the event. Who says punk is dead. I’ll spit on them (like a real punk would).


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