buckle up.

Someone asked me if I knew what Blueberry Buckle was. I did, but not in great detail, as I’ve never made a Blueberry Buckle or a Buckle of any sort. So, I decided to familiarize myself with, and ultimately master the dessert that is a Buckle.

First, I looked through my baking books for the best recipe I could find. Then, being curious as to why it was called a “Buckle” to begin with, I googled it. The best definition I could find was on The Joy of Baking’s website, which, to slightly paraphrase described it as so:

“Also called ‘blueberry coffee cake,’ the reason it became known as ‘blueberry buckle’ is due to the baking powder in the recipe, which causes it rise, while the blueberries and streusel topping are simultaneously preventing that from happening, therefore it rises unevenly and ‘buckles.'”    

Sounds good to me. It was time to make the Buckle.

The cake itself was pretty basic – just a white cake, of rather thick batter. Put your fresh blueberries on top (which, if you live in NJ, are rather easy to come by this time of year).

i've got the NJ blues.

Then, sprinkle with streusel (and don’t forget to eat a little of it, since it is the best part.)

unbaked buckle.

It baked for about 40 minutes, all the while filling the kitchen with warm fruity olfactory sweetness.  When it was done, I poked it with my tester, and let it cool. But not all the way – I wanted to taste it while it warm. And being that this buckle was for no one (that’s right, I bake for no one), I could do whatever I wanted with it, so I cut myself a piece, sat back, and savored.

all buckled up and nowhere to go.

Now, I can speak with authority on the Blueberry Buckle, and tell you that this buckle is worth busting your belt buckle over.  Not to mention that I have a whole buckle minus one piece just waiting for someone to eat now. Sigh.


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