The Swedish Chef isn’t the only one who loves cinnamon. It’s hard not to love it – it’s also hard to describe what makes it so lovable. When I think of adjectives to describe cinnamon, I think of brown,  bitter, pungent… none of which sound like things one would love. However, something about cinnamon is incredibly irresistible. When its smell comes wafting out of a warm, just baked dessert…it’s all over. You lose. Cinnamon – 1, you – 0.

 It’s not just for winter either. When mixed with the proper compatibles, cinnamon can add the perfect spice to your summer treats. 

I would not have experimented with cinnamon in the summer though, had it not been for a friend who loves it so much, she begged me to include it in a dessert I had planned to make for a going away party we were both attending. I figured, what the hey – I’ll give it a shot.

I started with a chocolate cake base – the person who the party was for actually requested chocolate, so I figured I should honor that since it was his party. I added some cinnamon to the batter. I tasted. Mmmm…this was going well…

I whipped up a batch of caramel cinnamon buttercream, which I crafted the recipe for on the fly. The result:

come "cin" with me.

So yeah, this experiment in cinnamon was a success. I am adding these to my standard year-round cupcake offerings – cinnamon isn’t seasonal anymore.


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