baby, you’re a star.

The 4th of July is fast approaching. That means eating, fireworks (not eating fireworks though), the beach, eating, drinking, and more eating. What better way to celebrate then with a commemorative cupcake, paying homage to not one, not two, but three of these 4th of July traditions (eating, fireworks, and the beach, in case you weren’t sure).

I bring you: Red White and Blue Starfish Sparkler Cupcakes!! (insert explosive fireworks and emphatic brass orchestra here).

the stars are bright, and big at night.

Originally, I had wanted these to be more like the stars on the American Flag. but as I started making them, I realized they looked more like starfish, so I transitioned over into a more beachy vibe, which is still 4th of July-appropriate (as I, myself, will be going the beach this weekend to celebrate, just so you’re all jealous).

As far as the cupcakes go, I went with a yellow butter cake, topped with buttercream. Put a star cookie-cutter on top, and sprinkled the red-ish sparkles inside the cutter, and blue-ish sparkles outside the cutter. The result? Light and sweet sparkly buttery goodness, perfect for any 4th of July party, whether on the beach (like mine will be, just wanted to remind you) or not. 🙂

star-crossed lovers.


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