no cake left behind.

Anyone who knows me, knows how I absolutely abhor waste. I will repeatedly use the same tissue until it crumbles into nothing. I have clothes in my closet that I’ve had for 15+ years (as long as they’re still stylish – the rest go to Goodwill). I use a mug to drink my coffee at work instead of a paper cup and sip through a metal reusable straw to create less plastic waste (those straws add up quickly, folks). So, it goes without saying that I apply the same principles to baking.

reduce. reuse. eat cake.


Now, I am by no means suggesting that using old, moldy, ingredients is ok; in fact quite the opposite. I’m telling you to use it before you lose it. Don’t let that extra icing go to waste – be creative! experiment! Mix and match! This is your chance to play. Like I do.

chocolate cake and salted caramel icing mash up.

I had some leftover chocolate cookies and cream batter and a whole tub of leftover salted caramel icing. The two were not created to go together. However, it was what I had, so I went with it. And boy, was it a match made in confectionery heaven.


Now, I have also had some recycling fails of epic proportions, but hey, at least I tried. And it was a learning experience, and education is never a waste.  

And if you don’t try, you could be missing out on the best dessert you’ve ever tasted. It’s not always the obvious choice, that makes the best cake.

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