chocolate girl.

Sure, I could be talking about myself, as I am a girl and I do love chocolate. But, I’m actually referring to a girl made out of chocolate, in this particular case. I learned a new and very valuable skill – making chocolate people, people!

chocolate rocks.

 Being a self-proclaimed rockin’ chic, I opted to create a chocolate homage to chic rock.  I used the cartoon character Jem again (because I think I might be obsessed with her in some weird repressed child kind of way), and then added the guitar, because real chics play instruments (a tambourine counts).  To further illustrate the fabulousness that is a chic rockstar, I included a bouquet of white chocolate roses, which was tossed on stage by an adoring fan.

you don't bring me throw them at me instead.


So, if you need a chocolate person, let me know. If you need a chocolate anything, let me know. The beauty of this skill is that you can use any image you like (Phillies logo, hint hint).

A funny aside – someone asked me if this chocolate “Jem” was me. Maybe I’m a little more obsessed with Jem then I realized. Let me consult with Synergy on that.  😉


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