marshmallow: the food of the gods.

Oh man, I love me some marshmallow. I always have. I also love the movie Ghostbusters, possibly to some degree because of its soft, white, billowy antagonist, Mr. Stay Puft.  (Truthfully, I have always been in love with Dr. Venkman.  If Dr. Venkman was a real dude, I’d…well, lets just say he’d be a very happy man.)

my first love.

 Back to marshmallows. So, yeah, I’ve always loved them. At the same time, all I knew of marshmallows were those odd tubular-shaped jawns you buy in bags at the store.  Pretty good, right? Even better when roasted on a stick (I used to try to catch mine on fire – there’s just something about a flaming marshmallow that always appealed to me – go figure).

whats with the tube shape?


So, I’m plugging along, thinking tubular-shaped store-bought marshmallows are just the bees knees. Until May 9, 2011 – a day that will live in infamy. On that day, my friends, I learned how to make my own marshmallow.

if someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!

I was elated and crushed all at the same time. This was better than that tube-shaped junk – a thousand times better! I’d been duped! Why, god, why??? I spent 35 years thinking marshmallow was already perfect, and then my romantic notion of soft white perfection was completely blown to pieces (just like Mr. Stay Puft).  However, sometimes, we need our lives shaken up a little – we need to cross the streams. Boring old marshmallows were great, sure, and I’ll never regret my 35 year addiction to them. But, sorry guys — I’ve found my confectionery Dr. Venkman. 😉


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