from blog to book and beyond.

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve turned the blog (at least part of it anyway) into a real life honest-to-god book. I only had a few samples so far, so I wasn’t really promoting the sucker yet, however today marks a great day in the history of me: I officially ordered printed copies of said book to be offered up for sale AND I uploaded the content to be sold online as an e-book. Both are being worked on as we speak, and in, oh, about a week or 2, I will have in my possession the first 100 official copies of “Small Indulgences: the Book.”

front and back cover - go ahead and judge it.

These will be for sale, and I’ll be posting more info on how you can order your very own printed copy as soon as I get all that good stuff set up. In the meantime, the e-book will be available for download to hold you over.  Where can I download it, you ask? Why, thanks to a fine online indie book distributing operation known as BookBaby (, you’ll be able to download this masterpiece of modern baking at the Apple iBookstore (for iPad), (for Kindle), and a little book seller you may have heard of – Barnes and Noble (for Nook).

I know,  I’m such a tease –  you can’t even purchase the book yet! I’ll be posting details as I get ’em, but until then, have patience, young grasshopper. Very soon the book will be yours, oh yes, it will be yours.

it worked for Wayne.

So what’s next? “Small Indulgences: the Movie” of course. Starring America Ferrera. With guest appearances by Hugh LaurieChristina Hendricks, and Kevin Smith (in his thinner days). You know who you are, and without you, the book (or blog) wouldn’t have been possible; so, umm, thanks. 🙂

Small Indulgences: the toilet paper?

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