a sugar jem.

I made this thing called a sugar disc (I believe that’s the technical term). It’s one of those things that messes with you – it appears to be extremely hard to create, yet, is ultimately quite simple. Unless you have no drawing/painting skills whatsoever. Basically, you mix sugar and water, pour it into a giant ring, let it cool, and paint on it. Simple, right?

The hardest part was deciding what to actually paint. The teacher suggested cartoon characters. Being that I’m over 30 and have no children, I only know cartoon characters that were popular when I was at cartoon-watching age. So, I reached into the depths of my brain, and perused the log of characters I enjoyed as a youth. The Smurfs? No, too simple and small. Scooby Doo? Hmm…now we’re getting somewhere. Then, I remembered the cartoon of all cartoons – the one I loved so much, that even when I wanted to sleep in, I forced my younger brother to get up and watch and report every detail of whatever I missed. It was THAT good. Can you guess what cartoon character from the 80’s a fabulous pink-wearing diva like myself would hold dearest to her rock and roll heart?


well, duh.

I must say, the painting part was a little challenging. It really does require a bit of a steady hand. But in the end, I was pretty pleased with my sugary shrine to the best cartoon rockstar ever drawn.

Synergy would be proud.

My teacher said it was truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. Ok, he didn’t really.  He actually broke it. The sheer magnificence of the piece must have made him nervous.


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