tangled up in blue.

So I chose this post’s catchy title for two reasons, one being that it’s Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday (which I just found out this morning after I had already decided on the post’s content, and deemed it quite fitting), and the other being that, well, frankly, it’s true.

I find that without even realizing it, what I bake (when I’m baking for pure pleasure, and not for a paying gig) tends to reflect how I’m feeling. It’s just like songwriting. I’m not really thinking about a subject, and it just happens, like some kind of subconscious extension of myself. Or, maybe I just like blue. Contrary to popular belief, blue is my favorite color, not the girly pink that I so often don.

Anyway, I was inspired to experiment the other night, and I decided the result needed to be blue cake in some form. I was going to go with an 8″ round, but wisely thought, “if said blue experiment fails, that’s a giant waste” so I went with trusty old mini-cupcakes instead.

i've got the mini-blues.


In sticking with the blue theme, I thought I’d attempt to make them reminiscent of the ocean. I used a modified salted caramel recipe, and a very light buttercream icing.  Although they turned out rather tasty, they unfortunately did not remind any of my test subjects of the ocean. “Blue cornbread with sweet butter on top” would be more accurate.

Oh well. Nothing gained, nothing lost. If the end product gets a “can I have another,” it’s a success in my book.  As the great Bob once said “you do what you must do, and you do it well.”  So that’s what I’m doing.


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