So I’m going into this post unsure if I’m actually going to be able  to make its subject matter sound interesting. We’re talking gel transfers here, people. And no, I don’t mean hair gel. It’s that gelatinous substance you often find the words “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” written with on your celebratory cake. It’s this stuff:


 or, if you still don’t recognize it, a more readily available form, found in the baking aisle of every supermarket:


So, I just learned a new skill, that blows that lame-o generic cake message out of the water: the gel transfer.

now, that's a badass cake.

You can do whatever character you choose, which is the beauty of the gel transfer – you just trace, and pipe and voila! I chose this lovely Pokemon character whose name I don’t even know, because of his cute little fangs. There is one downside– it takes about 3 days to dry completely. So, if you plan on doing a gel transfer for your next confectionery commemoration, plan accordingly. Or just ask me to do it because I’m kinda awesome at piping gel. Yeah, that’s right. You all wish you could pipe that Pokemon character whose name I don’t know with the cute fangs now, I know it.


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